German Vocabulary and Grammar – Wortschatz und Grammatik / Deutsch üben

Deutsch üben – Wortschatz und Grammatik
German Vocabulary and Grammar

ドイツ語学習アプリ German Playgrounds の iOS 版をダウンロード

About App

This app helps you to learn German in a fun and easy way. Unlike with textbooks and dictionaries, you can learn German anytime, anywhere, whenever you have some spare time, simply by opening the app.

We have developed this app to help people who study German, but cannot study abroad in Germany, don’t have access to the Goethe Institut or other language schools, cannot afford to pay monthly fees for language classes, or simply don’t like studying with textbooks.

Target audience

– Those who want to start learning German and want to learn vocabulary and grammar easily.

– Those who are already learning German but are not confident about their vocabulary and grammar.

– Those who are aiming to pass a German Language exam.

– Especially those who want to pass the Goethe Institut or ÖSD examinations A1-C1.

– Those who want to learn correct German pronunciation with native voices.


These are the approximate levels for each mode.

Vocabulary: A1 to B1
Sentences: A1 to B1
Listening: A1 to B2
Grammar: A1 to C1
Sorting: A1 to B2
Dictation: A1 to B2

How to use the app

Word Mode, Sentence Mode and Grammar Mode

Each set has about ten questions. You can study each set repeatedly until you get a perfect score, or you can study only the questions you have gotten wrong or haven’t answered yet.

If you are a beginner, please make sure to use the audio to learn the correct pronunciation.

Learning mode

You can check your understanding of words and sentences with native speaker audio.

Sorting Mode

This mode helps you to practice the German word order.

Dictation Mode

In this mode, you listen to native speaker audio and then sort German vocabulary into the right word order. This will support you in acquiring better German listening and grammar skills.

Ranking Mode

By registering with a nickname at the beginning of a game, you can compete with other German learners from all over the world for the highest score in the game.

Questions will be appear on the screen, and you can earn points by choosing the correct answers. You can take your time to think about the right answer, but choosing quickly will give you a higher score.

If you make a mistake the game will end, but you can look up the right answer including its pronunciation. This way you can learn from your mistakes.

Grammar Units

Verben -en
Verben -n
Verben -e-
Verben -s-
Ja / Nein / Doch
Verben – sein
Verben – haben
Unregelmäßige Verben
Bestimmter Artikel
Unbestimmter Artikel
wer / was
Verben – Rektion
Nomen – Plural
Schwache VerbenPronomen
Präpositionen – Akk.
Präpositionen – Dat.
Präpositionen – Gen.
Präpositionen – Dat. / Akk.
Präposition + Personalpronomen
Präposition + was
Verb + Präposition
Adjektiv + Präposition
Komparativ / Superlativ
Trennbare und untrennbare Verben
Infinitiv mit zu
Konjunktiv Ⅰ – Indirekte
RedeKonjunktiv Ⅱ – Irrealis


Q. There is no sound from the app. What should I do?

We often receive inquiries about this. We test the app on multiple devices after each version update, and currently the app is able to play audio on both smartphones and tablets even with the latest OS version.

If you don’t hear any sound when you tap the screen, please make sure to check your device’s volume, the Bluetooth connection and wether you are in silent mode.

If you have no audio on your iPad, please try to search for “How to disable silent mode on an iPad?” before contacting us.

Q. Do I have to pay monthly for in-app purchases?

All in-app purchases are one time only and don’t expire. Once you unlock the app, there is no monthly payment. Even if you delete the app once, you can restore your existing purchases by clicking the restore button.

We sincerely hope that this app will be useful for all German learners.

ドイツ語学習アプリ German Playgrounds の iOS 版をダウンロード